Saturday, September 21, 2013

UFC 165 Jones vs. Gustafsson

At this point I have to be completely honest and say that I'm hoping Jon 'Bones' Jones gets the shit kicked out of him. Between being the biggest hypocrite in MMA and his holy rolling antics I'm ready for someone to knock his ass out. Claiming to be a religious person with a squeaky clean persona to boot when you are really spending your off time doing blow and wrecking your Bentley does not help cast good light on the sport of MMA. Maybe tonight the MMA gods will shed some much needed light on the light heavyweight division and put Jones into his place.

I honestly don't have much interest in the rest of the card as I have honestly not heard of most of them, especially on the prelim undercard. However, Wilson Reis is paired with Ivan Menjivar which could turn out to be an exciting technical fight. I personally utilize a guard pass made popular by Wilson Reis and I have always been a fan of his technical grappling abilities. I personally don't care about watching Brendan Schaub and Matt Mitrione because I think they both suck. By that I mean I think their personalities suck and never thought either of them are particularly interesting or exciting fighters. Not only that but Brendan Schaub is personally responsible for making a complete abortion of his Metamoris pro match against Cyborg. I'll probably reserve this part of the night to get another beer and take a piss.

Full Card:

UFC 165 Main Event:
265 lbs.: UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson
UFC 165 Co-Main Event:
135 lbs.: UFC Interim Bantamweight Champion Renan Barao vs. Eddie Wineland
UFC 165 PPV Main Card (10 p.m. ET):
265 lbs.: Matt Mitrione vs. Brendan Schaub
185 lbs.: Francis Carmont vs. Constantinos Philippou
155 lbs.: Pat Healy vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov
UFC 165 FOX Sports 1 Prelims (8 p.m. ET):
155 lbs.: Myles Jury vs. Mike Ricci
135 lbs.: Ivan Menjivar vs. Wilson Reis
170 lbs.: Chris Clements vs. Stephen Thompson
135 lbs.: Mitch Gagnon vs. Dustin Kimura
UFC 165 Facebook Prelims (6 p.m. ET):
155 lbs.: Renee Forte vs. John Makdessi
155 lbs.: Jesse Ronson vs. Michel Prazeres
135 lbs.: Alex Caceres vs. Roland Delorme
265 lbs.: Nandor Guelmino vs. Daniel Omielanczuk

Thursday, September 19, 2013


So the opening round of the Bellator Season 9 Welterweight tournament starts tomorrow night. Even though Bellator has somewhat of a bad reputation for plucking all of the washouts from the UFC, it is still pretty obvious that they still put together cards that are usually more exciting than the ever more frequent slumber parties the UFC has been putting together. Bellator seems to also have no shame in hiring athlete's who have left other organizations on somewhat bad terms. Let's be for real. Rampage had his escapade running from the police, War Machine is constantly in and out of jail when he's not beating up porn stars and Matt Riddle was just released from the UFC for openly admitting to being a habitual marijuana user. Either way, who am I to judge.

September 20, 2013
Phoenix, AZ - Grand Canyon University Arena

Full Card:

Welterweight Tournament Final
Ben Saunders   VS   Douglas Lima
Welterweight Tournament Opening Round
Brent Weedman   VS   Justin Baesman
Welterweight Tournament Opening Round
War Machine   VS   Vaughn Anderson
Welterweight Tournament Opening Round
Rick Hawn   VS   Herman Terrado
Welterweight Tournament Opening Round
Ron Keslar   VS   Luis Melo
Featherweight Feature Fight
LaRue Burley
(2 - 0)
Bubba Jenkins
(4 - 0)
Heavyweight Feature Fight
Dan Charles
(6 - 0)
Siala Mou Siliga
(3 - 2)
Light Heavyweight Feature Fight
Liam McGeary
(4 - 0)
Beau Tribolet
(7 - 2)
Light Heavyweight Feature Fight
Clifford Starks
(8 - 2)
Joe Yager
(5 - 1)
Welterweight Feature Fight
Johnny Buck
(12 - 8)
Adam McDonough
(8 - 0)
Bantamweight Tournament Semifinal
Brandon Bender
(11 - 0)
Travis Marx
(20 - 4)
Lightweight Feature Fight
Zack Surdyka
(5 - 1)
Efrain Escudero
(19 - 7)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Battle for a Fallen Soldier

This weekend in Wilmington North Carolina will be hosting Battle for a Fallen Soldier on Saturday September 14th 2013 at the Wilmington Convention Center. This event is in honor of SGT. Thomas Jefferson "TJ" Butler IV.

Fight Card:

Pete Martin vs Christopher Cain
Chris Sutton vs Andre Daniels
Josh Robinson vs Ralph Acosta
Phillip Estes vs John Bryant
Cody Maltais vs Mike Mercado
Anthony Bernard vs David Lafayette
Anthony Enclarde vs Joshua Denson
Donnie Johnson vs TBD
Josh Murdock vs Chris Connor
Adrian Herd vs James Scibetti

Tickets for the event can be purchased at:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Good Fight: North Carolina Grapping Open, Saturday September 14th 2013

Another Grappling tournament will be coming to Raleigh North Carolina this weekend, Saturday the 14th. Information can found through the link below.

Monday, September 9, 2013

International Olympic Committee Reinstates Wrestling

It has been voted on and wrestling will be added back to the Olympic games in 2020 and 2024. It seems as though the pussification of the public and the idiotic decision that was made to remove the oldest sport known to man was reversed. This does not mean that wrestling is in the core 25 sports of the Olympics games but for the time being a small battle has been won. Wrestling is probably the first combative sport to ever have been developed and was central to the origins of the first Olympic events. It is arguably the most central grappling art, which some believe almost all other grappling arts have been derived from. It deeply depressed me that anyone would ever even entertain the thought of removing this sport from what is supposed to be the top tier of events for amateur wrestlers. The effects of no longer having wrestling in the Olympics reaches far beyond just the Olympic mats, it could very well have an effect on many other sports and influence what career paths many wrestlers could possibly take after finishing their high school and collegiate careers.

The implications of removing wrestling from the Olympics spreads over many different areas in the martial arts world because it is pretty much common knowledge that wrestling is central to Mixed Martial Arts and other combative disciplines. Most wrestlers have a distinct advantage because they develop many attributes that serve very well in combative arts. Coordination, flexibility, strength, explosiveness as well as knowledge of managing their weight and weight cutting all are important aspects of combative disciplines. All of these attributes overlap and carry over into sports such as Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Submission Grappling and even into striking arts such as Boxing and Muay Thai. Many of MMA's top athletes have backgrounds in amateur wrestling. The decision to remove wrestling from the Olympics completely voids any possibility of continuing amateur wrestling after college and high school and may destroy the incentive for some wrestlers to begin wrestling at all. Some also argue this decision was made because of a general softening of the general public which now seems comfortable watching mundane sports that require very little athletic ability. These sports are deemed entertaining by those who advertise during the Olympics and care solely about their own marketing strategy and making the Olympic games profitable. The Olympics have become more of an investment for these companies and they do not care whether or not they effect the general public by pushing sports on the general public that do not require the extremely demanding physical and mental requirements to excel in a sport such as wrestling. I fear that young men of all ages will grow up and not get the chance to experience the physical improvements and benefits combative sports such as wrestling have to offer. I know from my own personal experience with Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai I have learned to deal with mental and physical stress as well as pure pain. These are things I believe provide valuable experience in learning your own thresholds and what you are capable of enduring. It is because of this I have learned that only hard world and discipline are keys to becoming a successful person in every facet of life.

I am glad that wrestling has been brought back, even if it is just for now. I do however have confidence that the rest of the world and all the wrestlers in it will do everything they can to make sure that wrestling is brought back to it's permanent place in the Olympics. I feel confident that the voices of wrestlers, coaches and fans all over the world will continue to voice their opinion and will not allow for this great and ancient sport to die out because of politics and idiotic decision making by the International Olympic Committee. If we don't do something about it now we can expect to see the disappearance of all combat sports in the Olympics, which after all is where the Olympics began.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

HD Fight Series in Matthews NC this Saturday

Don't know much about this event or who runs it, but it goes down in Matthews NC just outside of Charlotte this Saturday.

9205 E.Independence Blvd.
Matthews, North Carolina
United States

Full Card:

Lawrence Dennis vs Adam Glenn
Tony Tan vs Eric Calderon
Sean Goode vs Gary Wingfield
Rashad Hood vs Matthew Grant
Bradley Guyer vs Aaron Brooks
Rafael Morel vs Lonnie Price III
Stephen Strausser vs Everett Draughan
Billy Sowards vs Nick Symeuangxay
Anthony Morrison vs Chrisopher Jones
Chris Alcala vs Kelly Wilkins
Johnny Boyd vs Robert Moore
Luke Milligan vs Demont Washington
Devin Nguyen vs William Smoot
Ashley Hancock vs Lisette Galvan

UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs Bader

Teixeira is on a nineteen fight win streak and I have a small piece of me that is hoping that at some point he lands a fight against Jon Jones. Never being a fan of Jon Jones because I have always believed that he is a complete hypocrite, which was cemented after he wrecked his Bentley and got a DUI. Jones is the type of guy that I love to hate, claiming that he can "carry the cross" for the UFC as well as be a good face for the company. I hope and pray that Teixeira walks through Ryan Bader tonight, not because I have any dislike for Ryan Bader even though I feel he is a bit over-rated but because I am dying to see someone put Jones in his place. It's pretty clear that the UFC will do everything they can to preserve Jon Jones pristine image and for a long time I also feel like they were feeding him fights that they knew he would win. Either way Teixeira has always struck me as a solid competitor who doesn't seem the least bit intimated about taking a fight against Jon Jones. I would not want to be in Ryan Bader's position right now. He certainly does not have a sterling record in the UFC and everyone knows that if he takes another loss tonight he may only get one more fight (if he's lucky) and he'll most likely get his walking papers. I guess there is always Bellator.

One other match up I am probably more excited to see is Yushin Okami vs Jacare Souza. Everyone knows that Jacare's ground work is simply something to behold. He has 14 of his 18 wins coming by submission and once the fight hit the mat with Carmozzi, Jacare put him to sleep in a matter of seconds with an arm triangle. Yushin is definitely a game opponent but I'm interested to see if he is capable of keeping the fight standing or at least be able to score some take downs and land some shots using his ground and pound. Yushin would still have to be very careful in order to avoid becoming another victim of Jacare's submission game.

I am not one of the fans out there that completely ignore the lighter weight divisions but Benavidez is fighting someone I have never heard of. Benavidez has a good scrap against Demetrious Johnson, dropping a split decision in a very close and technical fight and I'm sure this is a fight he is taking solely to keep his blood flowing before what I feel will be an imminent rematch with Johnson. A few other media outlets are calling this card complete "garbage" but it ironically enough these cards usually sometimes deliver more than the actual PPV events.

MAIN CARD (FOX Sports 1, 7 p.m. ET)

Ryan Bader vs. Glover Teixeira
Yushin Okami vs. Ronaldo Souza
Joseph Benavidez vs. Jussier Formiga
Piotr Hallmann vs. Francisco Trinaldo
Rafael Natal vs. Tor Troeng
Ali Bagautinov vs. Marcos Vinicius

PRELIMINARY CARD (FOX Sports 1, 5 p.m. ET)

Felipe Arantes vs. Edimilson Souza
Ramiro Hernandez vs. Lucas Martins
Elias Silverio vs. Joao Zeferino
Ivan Jorge vs. Keith Wisniewski

PRELIMINARY CARD (Facebook, 4:30 p.m. ET)

Sean Spencer vs. Yuri Villefort

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Masher

I recently caught up with Matt Messer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt under Jerry Moreno and currently competes as an amateur in mixed martial arts here in NC. I've had the chance to see him fight on numerous occasions and have always been impressed with his determination to make sure you get your money's worth. His fights have always been entertaining and I've seen him put on a hell of a show, always pushing the pace and leaving it all in the cage. Outside the cage he keeps things simple and likes to hang with his family and have a brew or two but is always trying to sharped his skill set and live a pretty straight and narrow life, preferring to keeping healthy and training to fight. Matt gives a little insight into what got him started and how he spends his down time, as well as some details about his own personal life. Check out the interview we did outside the Armory in Durham, at Bull City Brawl 12. Sorry if the lighting isn't spectacular but it was the only place we could find that was even close to being quiet enough to do outside the always deafening Armory.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'White' washing the UFC

To date I have always had my qualms with Dana White. I think that he is a very blunt and straight to the point type of guy who will give you a tough pill to swallow at times because he doesn't believe in candy coating anything for the press. I can admire someone who does not give a shit if people think he is callous and insensitive because sometimes it is important to show that you won't stand for anyone to question your judgement, especially when you are responsible for bringing a dying (and mostly illegal) sport into the limelight and building a multimillion dollar industry around it. That said I'm still not sure if he is someone that I should admire or hate because every time he seems to do something that is seems incredibly sincere he turns around and spews negative comments about anyone who demands answers to questions that may make him look bad.

I've followed Dana for a long time and watched a lot of his interviews and I think that over the past few years he has said a lot of things that he has regretted, such as stating the women will never fight in the UFC. We all know now that women in MMA ended up becoming extremely popular due to none other that Ronda Rousey. It wasn't until many people looked at Ronda and saw an extremely intelligent, accomplished athlete become the face for women in the UFC and allow the UFC to brand and market her and womens MMA. Not to stray too far off the subject but Dana seems to be very impulsive in his statements and when anyone comes around and throws this back in his face his response it typically vicious. I'm pretty sure that at this point since Dana and the Fertittas have a complete stranglehold on the MMA arena I believe that his hubris is going to eventually come back and bite him in the ass. He's already known for calling female reporters cunts and blacklisting anyone who sheds any negative light on his him or his organization.

But how long can Dana expect to get away with this type of behavior? If he or anyone else expects MMA to continue its exponential growth he needs to understand that there should be some kind of protocol to how he deals with the press and even fans in general. Starting typical twitter beefs and flaming people on public forums is just plain fucking juvenile. If someone blows up your twitter about how most of your most marketable fighters are juicing (by legal means or not) should you response by blasting them in public and blaming them for being pussies for not actually calling the UFC and making a legitimate request to speak with him or one of his representatives? I think that at this point Dana White needs to realize that he is going to have to be a bit more civilized or the people that call MMA 'human cockfighting' are going to have all the evidence they need to prove that MMA is nothing more than a barbaric sport, led by an callous prick who doesn't care who he offends. Mr White needs to take into account the fact that now that MMA is a legitimate sport, he needs to deal with these sorts of issues with some sort of decency and respect for those who are covering the sport and who only want to get the facts and help promote the sport that he helped build.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nothing is Better Than Some Warm Bagels.

This is an interview that I did with a good friend of mine, John "Bagels" Telford. John will be defending his World Combat Federation 145 lb strap this weekend against James Ritchie in the Bull City this weekend. I mainly decided to interview Bagels after he made a good point that the local media does not cover much when it comes to MMA in North Carolina, and he was one of my main inspirations behind starting this blog. Hope you guys like it.